IT Solutions for business

Founded in 2006, we service clients across 4 continents. Our team includes experts in our 3 main areas of focus: Support, Hosting and Development.

Areas of Expertise


Designing a website to work properly on both desktop and mobile is essential these days. Referred to as responsive design, all our websites are created to adapt to the device the user is on. With some of our sites getting up to 80% of their traffic from mobile users, you can not ignore mobile design.


We have a small dedicated team of developers with an in-depth knowledge of PHP, MySQL and JavaScript development. We have worked in the Dev-Ops field for the past 7 years. We have extensive experience in the Financial Services sector, especially Insurance claims processing.


We offer a full range of Desktop and Server support. We have experience with MS Windows, Apple and Linux based systems. Our focus is on providing solutions for businesses in the 20 to 100 staff range. All new contract clients receive a comprehensive IT assessment.


Having a solid hosting platform will help your business avoid endless hours of downtime. We are a platform-independent hosting provider and can offer a wide range of hosting solutions for businesses of any size. All our websites come with automated backups to ensure peace of mind.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Domain registration & Hosting

We have been in the business of hosting for over 20 years. By partnering with great upstream providers we are able to offer great service at a price that won’t break the bank.

Website Development

The cornerstone of your digital marketing mix. Everything we do revolves around driving traffic to your site. Make your website easy to use, and understand. Do not waste potential customers time by making them hunt for what you offer.

Desktop Support

When things go wrong, we all want to have it fixed as soon as possible. Our team of technicians are on hand to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. We service Windows and Mac desktop and laptops.


Well written copy needs to do four things. Attract attention, create interest, build desire, include a call to action. With changes to Google’s algorithms, you need to have original and informative content to improve your rankings.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Many of the Social Media platforms are now offering this service. From planning to creation and management, we can assist. This is a great alternative to SEO and can be tailored not to break the bank.

Email Marketing

Still one of the cheapest and most affordable ways of staying in contact with existing and potential clients. Email marketing is making a comeback as the number one form of communicating with your clients.

Server Support

The easy sharing of data in your organisation can help increase productivity. With a wide range of server-based solutions, we are able to provide you with the one that best fits your business. We administer Windows and Linux servers.

Business IT Solutions

Do you keep track of your IT assets? You would be surprised at how many businesses answer no to this question. We offer all of our contract clients a free IT assessment that will show exactly where their areas of exposure are.

What our customers think

We’ve been working with Tom Capitao and his team at The Mail Exchange for the past 5 years. They possess the skills to deliver made to order websites as well as websites in e-commerce. As an advertising agency, we most often require websites to be integrated with social media platforms and e-mails. Hosting of domains and the general security of all online platforms we co-create also need to be secure and up to date. They do all of this in a cost-efficient and professional manner. The Mail Exchange team is a joy to work with. What sets them apart is their yes-can-do attitude and you can count on them to dig deep when required. Tom has the ability to communicate and break down complicated issues in a user-friendly manner and one always feels part of the process. You can expect the Mail Exchange to exceed your expectations. Partner with the Mail Exchange – this world-class team has what it takes!

Charl Swart

MD, BrandMarshall Advertising (Pty) Ltd