How many online leads or sales did you get this month?

Use your website, Social Media platforms, email or other online platforms like CRM systems to grow your brand, and get more business online.

No two businesses are the same. We can help you pick the marketing blend that works for your business.

Brand Design & Strategy

It starts by creating a persona to sell to, then developing a strategy on how to sell to them. Measure, refine and start again.

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There is no magic bullet when it comes to a digital brand strategy, but there is a process that will help you refine your online sales pitch. This, in turn, will lead to more sales and greater brand awareness.

One of the most difficult steps for many businesses is defining their ideal customer. Luckily with the help of Google Analytics and other tools, we can help you build that persona to a fairly accurate level.

Social Media Management

Understanding what options are available and which ones to use for your business is a full-time job.

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Social media is an amazing opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness and interact with existing and potential clients on a regular basis.

That said, Social Media is not the correct platform to sell on. Your business has a far better chance of closing a sale if users come to you. This has been termed as inbound marketing.

Your website should be the point at which you close your sales, or get buy-in for a meeting with one of your sales reps. Social Media should drive traffic to your website.

Audience Analytics

Who, when and what. These are just some of the questions Google Analytics answers for your business.

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A well-configured Google Analytics account will allow your business to track a wide range of activities on your website.

These range from sources – how people found your site – to demographical information – age and sex of the browser.

In addition to this Google Analytics is a great troubleshooting tool for your web developers. It will track information on a wide range of data that will allow your developer to better tweak the website for all users.


Search Engine Optimization

To appear on the first page of a Google search can be a massive undertaking. If done correctly, SEO will mean more people find your business on the web.

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Search engines are constantly trying to offer the best set of results to your query. What this means is that they are constantly changing the way they work out what constitutes a good page score.

There are a number of variables that go into determining your page score and these chop and change on a regular basis.

The best advice we can give you is to create content that is helpful. establishing yourself as an authority in your field will push you up the rankings very quickly.


We create copy that is easy to read and adds value to our readers. Attracting the reader’s attention is the first step.

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From there we build interest in your product or service by pointing out why the readers need it.

Once we have the desire to either make the purchase or at the very least, to get more information, we offer a call to action.

This is the simple AIDA model, and while very effective it does take practice to master.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A budget-friendly alternative to organic SEO, and highly effective when used in conjunction with organic SEO.

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We could write a book on all the options available for Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google alone. When you then through Bing and Social Media platforms into the mix, it can all become a bit overwhelming for businesses.

Don’t worry we have you covered. Based on your digital roadmap, we can recommend the platform(s) and the spend your business needs on a monthly basis.

We also devote hours every month to stay up to date with new developments, so that you can focus on your business and rest assured you are getting the right solution for you.

Website Development

Your website is the foundation around which your entire digital Strategy is built. All roads should lead here, where you control the customer’s journey.

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A well-crafted website lets you lead your visitor on a journey that you have control over. There are no adverts to compete for their attention and the only message they should be seeing is yours.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising will all lead to your website at the end of the day.

By using Google Analytics we are able to tweak and refine your website until you get the conversions you are looking for.

Email Marketing

Email marketing revolves around consistency. By delivering regular emails that add value to your readers, you can build brand awareness easily.

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We are all busy and get dozens if not hundreds of emails every day. Why should I then open your email?

Your subject line is where it all starts. Give your reader a reason to open that email. While this may sound simple different people will react in different ways to what you have to say.

Do not expect every person on your mailing list to read every email you send them, but over time you will develop a loyal following.


Only 1 out of 5 businesses have an effective web presence

With almost 2 billion people using the Internet every day, the majority of businesses are missing out on potential customers who are actively looking for their product or service.

The majority of business websites are built and then never updated again. Doing this is a great way to waste your money. Why should users come back to your website if nothing ever changes? Is your business still operational?

Yes, it takes time and money to keep your website updated and to regularly interact with potential customers, but the investment is worth it.

How does your business define online success?

A business will define digital marketing success in one of 4 ways:

Online sales

If you are selling your product or service online, then sales will be your metric for success.

Lead generation

Do you require a visitor to fill in a form whose data gets passed on to a salesperson?


To build awareness of your product or service you will be looking for website visits and Social Media interactions.

Online Sales Tool

A well-crafted website can help your sales reps close more deals by providing useful tools for them to use during a client visit.

Digital Marketing success

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