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We develop great eCommerce websites using WooCommerce. As one of the most widely used online platforms, there are a number of extensions that can help you get exactly what you want from your shop.

The advent of Covid has pushed eCommerce forward 5 years forward in terms of projections.


While not the only eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it is the most widely used. This means that there are many great plugins available to give you all the features you want.

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We have developed over 100 WooCommerce stores and have experience in WooCommerce customisation. Our team has worked with inbound and outbound API traffic and is able to integrate any web-enabled service. 

There are a number of free and premium plugins that help extend the built-in functionality of WooCommerce. While free is always nice we have found that premium plugins offer better client support when there is a problem, so will always advise going that route.

Payment Gateways

There are 2 main payment Gateways in South Africa that we would recommend. PayFast and PayGate. They both offer excellent service at great rates.

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While we use PayFast most of the time as it has zero fixed monthly costs, PayGate will offer more services at a slightly lower rate per transaction.

Both have a free plugin for WooCommerce that allows us to quickly and easily set up payment methods for your store.

All transactions are in ZA Rands, so if you are looking at selling internationally, you may need to look at setting up PayPal.


Shipping costs are generally added to the customer’s order and billed on checkout. Several of the larger courier companies have plugins that will integrate with WooCommerce.

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Shipping will be based on where you plan to serve customers. If you are only going to service customers in the same city as you, chat to your local courier company and see if you can get a flat rate from them. we then build that into the system.

If you are looking at national or international shipping, then you will need to sign up with a courier company. We have worked with Aramex and MDS Collivery before and they both have free plugins for WooCommerce.

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