Has your site been hacked?

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Up to 100 000 WordPress websites are hacked every week around the world

How can you avoid becoming one of those?

Step one is to make sure that all of your plugins are up to date and have been certified to work with the latest version of WordPress. Often plugin developers will stop supporting a plugin, at which point it becomes important that you find an alternative. Luckily with WordPress there are normally a large number of options. At the same time ensure your WordPress version and theme are up to date.

Step two is to make sure that you have a decent security plugin. We recommend either WordFence or Defender Pro. These plugins will make it harder for hackers to gain access to your website. If they are correctly configured, they can make your website an uninviting place for hackers.

In addition to these steps you should ensure that you are hosting with a reputable hosting company. You can have the most secure website on the planet, but if the hackers are able to get onto the server where it is hosted, you don’t stand a chance.

We offer a monthly service that will keep your website up to date. We will run all plugin and core updates for R335 per month (incl VAT). Themes that have the auto-update feature enabled will also be managed.

*Premium plugin and theme renewal costs are not included.

Also included in this price are:

  • Monthly speed test
  • Make sure that there is a monthly backup run
  • Monthly broken link check
  • Monthly Spam comments management