The term hosting tends to confuse many people. We often get asked about the difference between web hosting and email hosting. Well for most businesses there is no difference. Your website and email will be hosted on the same server.

Let’s start with who can host. The short answer here is that just about any server operating system can host a domain. You can even download a free copy of Linux and host a server from home. The problem you then face is that every time you lose Internet connectivity, your website and email go offline. You will also be bombarded by hackers, and you will be responsible of setting up and configuring the server.

What is a web server?

A server is generally a high-end computer with a server OS (operating system) installed. This is generally either Linux or Windows. Linux has the biggest market share when it comes to web servers, as they are generally more secure. That said the level of the server administrator makes all the difference here.

What is a Data Centre?

A Data Centre is a collection of multiple servers that will have super-fast Internet connections and a couple of other useful features to keep all the servers up and running and online. The centralised nature of the Data Centre makes physical and technical administration much easier.

Who do I host with?

Hosting has become a big business. The are hundreds of companies offering hosting these days, the bulk of which I would not use if they paid me to host with them. A reliable hosting company is worth its weight in gold to any company looking to do business on the Internet.

We use 3 different hosting providers, based on the client’s needs. Each of these providers offers a unique set of strengths that fit different customer profiles.

For us a good hosting company offers the following:

  • Well-configured and administered servers

  • Redundant power supply. It is not just South Africa that gets hit by load shedding

  • Redundant connectivity. Staying connected to the Net 24/7 is non-negotiable.

  • Reliable network infrastructure. This makes a world of difference to site speed.

  • Fire protection. Computers and fire do not work well together.

  • Security. Here we are talking about physical security

  • Reliable support staff. We pride ourselves on good response times and expect the same from our upstream providers

We have been in the hosting business since 2001 and have seen almost everything you could imagine. In that time we have also worked with many of the ISPs out there and have a good understanding of who to trust.

With the move to MS Exchange Online and Google Mail for businesses, a hosting company that will look after your DNS needs is paramount. We have the skills and expertise to look after most DNS setups.

If your business is looking for a reliable hosting provider, please feel free to contact Tom – – and he will be able to provide you with a quote.